Bart Vander Sanden

Freelance web developer/graphic designer in Leuven, Belgium

Our trip to Japan (video)

A few months ago we spend around three weeks in Japan to discover their nature, culture and food. With our phones in hand we documented this trip, in which we traveled to Tokyo, Nikko, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Okayama and then back to Tokyo.

We filmed this footage with an iPhone 8, a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Sony RX100 Mark III. Editing was done in Premiere Pro on a Macbook Pro 13” (2017), but the .hevc files out of the iPhone were nearly impossibly slow to work with, so they were first converted to a bunch of low resolution proxy files to make them usable in Premiere. Apparently Final Cut Pro X is a lot better for these (4k60) files, but oh well.

Some notes on Stockholm


A few weeks ago I went to Stockholm for a quick break from work. I’ve visited the city before, but only during winter, with temperatures as low as -20° Celsius and sunsets at 3.30 in the afternoon.


Summer is a much better time to visit this city. Stockholm feels so much more alive when you’re not walking around in something that feels like a gigantic industrial freezer. It’s also much nicer to go out and discover things while walking around.

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Big Bird

A Lufthansa A380 waiting for departure

Due to the earthquake in Japan Lufthansa sent one of their A380 planes to New York instead of Tokyo. Apparently it’s too expensive to keep these planes grounded, so they get rerouted across the world in cases like these.

A window view from an A380

It’s a very spacious plane, and surprisingly quiet during the flight.