Hi, I'm Bart, a freelance web developer based in Leuven, Belgium.

Web Development

As a web developer with a background in graphic design I strive to create beautiful and accessible sites that are blazingly fast in order to make sure visitors have a great experience.

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Front End Development

I create robust and fast websites with modern HTML, CSS and JavaScript. When working on a web app I complement these skills with frameworks like ReactJS and Svelte.

Integration in Content Management Systems

Need to have your website integrated in a CMS like Wordpress or Craft CMS? I'll help you find the right solution for your needs, and implement it too, of course.

Static Websites

Don't need a CMS, or do you want to create a single page to promote your product? A static website might be the best choice in this case. I create static websites with frameworks like Jekyll and Eleventy to get the most out of a website without a database.

App Development

Need something more than a website? I also create cross platform apps for iOS, iPadOS and Android with React Native.

Tools and Automation

Tired of having to create hundreds (or thousands) of PDFs or images manually? I can write tools to automate your creation process, both as an online tool or as a local tool on your intranet.

Consulting Work

Want me to work on your team for a longer project? I'm available for consulting work too!

Want to have a talk?

Contact me at hello@bartvandersanden.be.