Development of iOS/Android App

Year: 2017/2018
Client: UGent/Museum Dr. Guislain
Design: Josworld
Tools used: React Native
Download link (iOS): Apple App Store
Download link (Android): Google Play Store

UGent and Museum Dr. Guislain (a groundbreaking psychiatric center which now is open for the public to visit) asked us to create a digital guide that can be used to navigate the building while also explaining the old functions of each room. The location has a rich history, but most rooms are repurposed nowadays, so having a tool that shows what the rooms used to be is of great value.

We created a tablet app that's downloadable for free, and which gets fully unlocked when you visit the museum (the archive, timeline and patient data are available from the start, the tour only shows when you're at the museum as the location itself is important).