Out and about with a Game Boy Camera

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Three pictures taken with a Game Boy Camera: a mansion, my girlfriend in front of a mansion, and trees.

After finding a Game Boy Camera for cheap some time ago I kept the thing inside of a drawer, waiting on the perfect time to slot them into my old Game Boy to take amazingly high resolution (128 x 112 pixels) photographs.

Yesterday I finally took out my cool retro toy on a stroll in the local park, which resulted in these pictures.

Using the Game Boy Camera to take pictures is easy: you turn on the Game Boy, you select the giant 'shoot' button, you point at whatever is recognisable through 4 shades of grey and you press the A button. The results are - as expected - extremely grainy and nearly indecipherable, but the charm is there and the look is unmistakingly unique from phones that take near flawless pictures nowadays.

A Game Boy Color with a Game Boy Camera inserted, with the lens pointing at trees in a park in Leuven, Belgium.