Walks in Leuven

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Some pictures taken during a few of our many (but not enough) walks in and around Leuven these past few months.

Kessel-Lo Provincial Domain.
A bird and a duck in the Kessel-Lo Provincial Domain.
The train tracks entering Leuven as seen from the Stoemperspad walking bridge.
The central University Library of Leuven, with trains in the foreground.
Leuven Station.
Saint John the Evangelist’s Church at Park Abbey in Leuven.
A tree at one of the lakes of Park Abbey in Leuven.
The historical Town Hall and Saint Peter's Church on New Years Day in Leuven.
The Bondgenotenlaan on New Years Day in Leuven.
Snow in the Provincial Domain.
Ducks swimming around in the Provincial Domain.
A statue in the Provincial Domain.
The Bondgenotenlaan on a quiet, rainy morning in January.