About Me

Hi, I’m Bart, a freelance web developer/designer based in Leuven, a small city near Brussels in Belgium.

As soon as I got access to the internet as a kid in 1998 I started creating my own websites by reading books and digging into the source code of my favourite sites. Even back then I was fascinated by what the internet can achieve and how it could impact society and the world.

I studied Graphic Design at Sint-Lukas in Brussels, which lead me to getting a job in the airline industry as a graphic designer. While I didn’t make a living as a web developer at that time, I still made websites for small organisations in the music industry after my hours, together with my hobby of being a concert photographer.

After a few years I decided to put a bigger focus on creating stuff for the web, and started my own one man development shop.

Nowadays I either help companies with both the design and development of websites, or I join agencies on web projects as a developer together with other designers.

What I focus on

In my opinion, websites should be fast, reliable and accessible to as many people as possible.

The variety of different devices (small and low powered phones, super speedy desktop computers, and everything in between), the sometimes huge differences in network speed and availability, and the potential audience of the internet (basically everyone) are one of the key parts of the web, and we as designers and developers should embrace this landscape by creating user experiences that are as beautiful as they are functional.

I try to achieve this by using tried and tested technologies, but also by looking at the future of the web platform, keeping myself up to date with new technologies that will make the web a nicer place to use.

To make this possible I focus on creating websites with progressive enhancements in mind: adding new features to websites is fine, as long as the content itself is still easily accessible on browsers and devices that don’t support these new additions.

Things I can create

  • Responsive websites with a mobile first approach
  • Front end development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Back end development with integration in Wordpress and similar frameworks (with a focus on PHP based CMSs)
  • HTML mailings (vanilla HTML, Zurb Foundation and integration in Selligent & Mailchimp)
  • App development in React Native

Skill set

HTML/CSS, JavaScript (ES6 and up), jQuery, PHP, Custom Wordpress development, React Native, Jekyll, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, XD, Premiere Pro, …


Want to have a talk? Contact me at hello@bartvandersanden.com.