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Trying to get back into blogging

For years I’ve been trying to start a blog. Previously, my blogs where always about one subject (concert photography, web design, …), but this always felt restrictive to me. I’m the kind of person that’s always busy with 500 things at a time (to a fault), so I think it’s better for myself to just start writing down what comes up in my mind. Let’s see if this goes somewhere.

Les Nuits Botanique 2015

Rone Rone

Since 2011 I’ve been part of the official photographer team (with Indiestyle) of Les Nuits Botanique. It’s the perfect kickoff of the festival season with 10 days full of music in some of the most beautiful music venues of Belgium.

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10 years of Josworld: the party


Josworld, a Brussels based designers collective, celebrated their tenth birthday last Friday at the Beursschouwburg. Great location, great people, great party. You can find the rest of the pictures on their Facebook page.

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The Dijle in Leuven on a sunny Saturday morning in July.
The Dijle in Leuven on a sunny Saturday morning in July.