Weeknotes 25/2019: Ginger, (Beyond) Meat and Wine

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The results of my ginger beer experiment.
  • I tried out my ginger beer from last week, but unfortunately its taste was a bit lacking and there was no fizz in the drink. I started reading up on it a bit and I found out that I killed the fermentation process too fast. After draining out the ginger I stored the bottles in the fridge right away, which didn’t give the yeast enough time to build up the necessary pressure inside of the bottle. I fixed this by putting the bottle out on the counter at room temperature for a day, which resulted in a loud pop when I opened the bottle, and a noticeably better taste (and a slight fizziness). It still needs work but we’re making progress.
  • We went to try out the “Beyond Burger” at Ellis Gourmet Burger, a fully vegan burger that was actually pretty good! The patty on its own was a bit bland, but together with the toppings it’s really hard to tell that it doesn’t contain any meat. I might go for this one more in the future.
Trying out red wines.
  • We also went to a wine tasting in Ghent. I’m not a big fan of white wine (I drink it just a few times a year, at most), but I found some nice ones (which, tellingly, tasted totally different from most white wines I usually drink). The red wines were all great though (I’d drink any one of those at any time).
  • We finally saw Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and I thought it was great. It’s both visually stunning and an aural delight, and the story is, in my opinion, a lot better than the usual Marvel flick (I’m not a big fan of those).
An old phone booth near OPEK in Leuven.

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