Weeknotes - Week 22/2019

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Neon Electronics at Het Depot in Leuven.
  • We went to a concert of Neon Electronics, a band in which a friend of us plays the bass, and it was great! We’re slowly going to concerts again after taking a break from them for a few years. Maybe I’ll take my camera again too someday?
  • I started using an external SSD as a way to make working with giant files on a laptop a bit easier, but I already managed to fill up its 240gb of storage in a couple of days. SSD’s are dirt cheap nowadays though.
  • Related: this week I worked on editing a short movie for a client, which was a pleasant break from coding and designing.
  • I cleaned up the attic and my home office further, to make some room for our renovation works which will hopefully start soon(ish).
A quick doodle. On the right I started to draw random lines as I noticed something was amiss.
  • I started doodling again, but I noticed my iPad screen sometimes wouldn’t recognise touches and Apple Pencil strokes correctly on the right side of the screen.
The part of my iPad screen that didn't work correctly.
  • We went to the Apple Store in Brussels to get my iPad fixed, and within 10 minutes (after setting up an appointment a few days earlier) I got the issue diagnosed and received a replacement tablet. I love how smooth this experience is.
The Apple Store in Brussels.
  • I’m melting right now as it’s 31° Celsius outside and our house isn’t insulated well enough to keep the heat out. I’m so glad I cleared out the attic a few days earlier than planned.

Things to read:

The Royal Palace in Brussels.