Weeknotes - Week 17/2019

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The Antlers at Het Depot in Leuven.
  • We went to an acoustic show of The Antlers in Leuven, to celebrate (or, as they said during the gig: to mourn) the tenth anniversary of their album Hospice. I didn’t listen to that album a lot in the last few years, but experiencing it again in a (relatively) intimate setting was amazing (and heartbreaking).
  • I got stunt by a wasp on the bottom of my foot on Monday. It didn’t hurt all that much but it surprised the heck out of me.
  • I’ve been creating newsletters in Selligent again, after a break of 3 years. Their system clearly got a lot better over the years, and their mail client testing tool (a Litmus like functionality to preview your mail in e.g. Outlook 2007) is great, albeit a bit slow.
  • The keyboard of my Macbook Pro is failing (with the same symptoms as a lot of other users), but this week brought the news that these models will get a higher priority at the Apple Store if you bring them in. This is excellent as the previous turnaround time was - apparently - at least a few days and up to a few weeks. I can’t afford to not have my computer for a week, but I also can’t afford not being able to press a key down reliably.
Homemade pizza.
  • Bon Appetit is doing a series on creating the perfect pizza. Their first episode is all about creating great dough, and after incorporating some of their tips I can confirm they’re on to something.
Les Nuits Botanique.
  • On Sunday I had a short meeting in Brussels, but we ended up at Les Nuits Botanique, a music festival in a beautiful botanical garden in Brussels. It was the first time getting there in 3 or 4 years, and the first time me being there as a regular visitor instead of a photographer. It was… weird, but also fun!