Weeknotes - Week 16/2019

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  • We recently stumbled on a video of James Hoffmann explaining coffee ratios. We tried out his basic recipe of 60 grams of coffee per liter of water, and it made our drip coffee appreciably better straight away.
  • The weather was great this week, so I set up my office in the garden a few times. I also finally managed to mow our lawn (which was way overdue).
  • During holiday weeks my train commute is a bit different than usual: a lot of people are off, which results in less crowded trains to Brussels (a blessing during rush hour), but those people are also more likely taking a train to the airport (where one of my clients is located). It’s a subtle but noticeable switch in the morning.
  • I’m slowly getting around to moving my web projects from Dropbox to a local folder on my laptop (and syncing them via git). It’s a relatively painless process at the moment, but syncing and desyncing is slow, so I’m not nearly done yet.

Things to read:

Douglas Preston: The Day the Dinosaurs Died